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Btac Thrive on offering Data download tools and software. everything you need to keep your fleet moving 

Tachograph remote downloading 
Remote Download GPRS downloads remotely the digital tachograph. The remote download unit (RDU) is permanently installed on the truck and it is connected to the digital tachograph. The download process is coordinated by a Remote Download Server. Download is initiated manually or by a scheduler application. The system works in the background but it warns the user in case of errors. 
• Permanent fleet control 
• Mandatory downloads are made automatically 
• No risk of penalty caused by missing downloads 
• The truck doesn’t need to return periodically to the base station to download the tachograph thus important cost savings are made 
• No need of responsible personnel for tachograph management 
• No upfront charge for the device. Simple Pay as you go 
• Fixed price of £20 per month 
Tachograph Manual Downloading 
Built-in Card Reader. Downloads any tachograph card directly without the need for a company card. Also downloads Driver Cards inserted in your tachograph. 
Easy to use. Integrated buttons to select your required download and LEDs to show progress. 
Long battery life. More than 2,000 card downloads with two AA batteries (included). No batteries needed for downloading from tachographs. 
Removable Memory Card. Great for storage, sending back to base or retention as evidence 
USB Connection. Connects directly to your PC's USB port for easy file transfer. 
Robust. Designed to last. 
Custom downloads. Downloads all or part of the data stored in your tachograph, including activities, events, faults and detailed speed. 
Universal. Works with all digital tachographs and with all driver, company, workshop and enforcement cards. 
Helps you comply with regulations. Compatible with all EU tachograph regulations. Works with virtually all analysis software to help keep you compliant. 
Inexpensive out-of-hours capture device. You can download cards while the unit is connected to PC. We can even supply a bracket to fix it to a wall or a desk. Then it becomes the perfect fixed card reader which can be used by drivers to capture card data at any time. 
Low cost. All you need for your tachograph downloads. 
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